Saturday, January 2, 2016

Safety in Fireplace Screens

To make your house more attractive you can buy a fireplace screen. It acts as a decorative item. In a screen you will find many different designs, styles and shapes. Choose the one matching your decor and you will add one more thing to beautify your house.

Not only as a decorative item but fire place screens also act as a safety item. It provides safety to the house from fire and fire sparks. If you are regularly using fireplace then for safety it is very important that you will invest.

Investment on fire place screens is the best investment. These are available in different designs like brass, gold and floral designs, classic and modern designs, copper finish and scroll designs. So it is important to keep in mind the looks of your decor and then decide the design you want to buy.

There are many different type of fireplace screens available are single panel, 3 - panel, 4 - panel, 5 - panel, spark guards, spark guards, screens with doors, child safety gate and mesh curtains. Different type of finish that you will find in fireplace are black/grey, brass (plated), brass (solid), bronze/brown, copper and rust, pewter/steel/chrome, polished iron and gold, stained glass, tempered glass and wrought iron. You will get the fireplace screen from under $100 to more than $500. The width varies from 26 inches to more than 56 inches and the height varies from minimum 23 inches to more than 35 inches.

The different designs available are 57" egan 3 panel, 43"W X 31"H polished iron bowed, 52"W X 32"H black wrought iron omro fireplace screen W/Doors, 39"W X 31"H graphite shakespear's garden, 52-1/3"W X 34"H antique copper geometric and 44"W X 33"H burnished bronze arched fireplace screen W/Doors.

This solves two purposes that are protecting your home from fire and the second one is for decoration purposes. Decoration depends on the material from which this is made. It is important that the finish of the screen should match or is in contrast with the decor of the house.

For different furniture types there are different screens available. Like for contemporary one you can choose pewter, steel and chrome. For traditional furniture you can opt for classic wrought iron, brass, bronze and even you can use polished iron or gold. Copper and rust finish matches with rustic and casual decor.

It is a recommendation that you buy fire place screen from internet. All you have to do is search on Google and you will find a pool of websites working in this field. Choose a trusted website and just by a click of button the fireplace screen will be at your door steps.

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