Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fireplace Screens in the 1800,s

 During the 1800,s  the only heat source was the burning logs in the fireplace If you were sitting within  a few feet of the fireplace , you were warm and comfortable. After 15 feet the room was cold ,and so water would freeze.  
 Most 18th-century fire screens were made of wood, Being you could not go to the corner store or ebay  like today  the only  decoration was done by hand either  of fabric or needle work, at the time ,this was the only way to have a little decoration , while keeping the embers from burning the house down
At the time the fireplace was used for cooking and to  keep the house warm metal was not used because it was too hot,
By  the late 1800s screens were made of stained glass. Brass or iron was used to hold the glass. The screens must have been impressive when the fire was lit and the flames shined through the stained glass.
 This screen reduced the intense heat and kept the sparks from flying into the room.
By the 1860s, heating stoves were available to warm the room, and fire screens were often more decorative than useful. They were used in front of smaller fires or empty fireplaces.

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