Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How the first Fireplace screen came about

Initially the fire place , or also known as a fire pit,  was a open pit in the ground , or positioned against the wall. Family's would gather around to keep warm and for cooking  A  hole was made in the ceiling for venting.The first fireplaces were made of stone, stone then became brick, soon brick became the  most popular building method for building fireplaces , Mantels were added  as a way of adding a self , Some of the early mantels were made of carved wood for  decorations . Some other early mantels were made of stone  /  marble and also metal .

Fireplaces were the main source of heat, before the invention of the boiler. During the cold months open fires roared in every house , this was the only way to have domestic heat .      . But though the cracking blaze  ,the fierce heat given off did not suite every one gathered around the fire-some roasted while others feet were cold. So this is when the fire screen came into its own. By placing the screen in front of the fire the heat from the fire could be controlled.

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